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EpiGuard’s New Partnership with JS T&C: Protecting the Republic of Korea

EpiGuard is happy to announce our latest partnership with JS T&C, a prominent player in Korea’s healthcare landscape!

Expanding National Preparedness: EpiGuard Joins Forces with Glomex MS

Working together towards enhancing preparedness in the Central European region, EpiGuard is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Glomex MS, a leading technology solutions provider.

Caring for the EpiShuttle

EpiGuard have created checklists that outline how best to manage, store, maintain and prepare the EpiShuttle for deployment.

Patient Transport 101: Understanding Intrahospital and Interhospital Transport

What is Intrahospital and Interhospital transport? What challenges, best practices and key elements are there for safe patient transport? Find out here!

EpiGuard Partners With LRY Group

EpiGuard has partnered with LRY Group – an esteemed global company dedicated to healthcare advancements.

Air Ambulance Medical Transport: Everything You Need to Know

Deep dive into the definition and types of air ambulances, the medical personnel and equipment on board, the benefits they provide, and success stories

Enhancing Preparedness: The EpiShuttle and Hospital Preparedness Course by OPCW

The EpiShuttle was used in a simulation exercise organized by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons as a tool for strengthening national preparedness for CBRN events.

EpiGuard’s first time in Japan: Showcasing the EpiShuttle for Global Preparedness

EpiShuttle’s first time in Japan! EpiGuard attended DSEI in Tokio and had a demonstration in Kyoto. Read more about it in the blog!

CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear

Today’s modern society is under constant threat of being exposed to dangerous CBRN agents. This blog will dive deep into CBRN to answer the questions: What does CBRN stand for? What are the types of…

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