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2021 in the rear-view window – words from our CEO Ellen

Our CEO Ellen reflects on 2021 and speaks about the greater than ever need to prepare for the future.

EpiGuard 2021 – a rollercoaster year

2021 went by in the blink of an eye, leaving only a few weeks until 2022. Read about our tops and flops from 2021.

STC for the EpiShuttle on aircraft type CL-600 obtained by FAI

FAI has obtained supplementary type certification (STC) for the EpiShuttle on the aircraft type CL-600 after undergoing comprehensive tests on flammability, rapid decompression, and patient evacuation.

EpiGuard won the Oslo Innovation Week Award 2021

Oslo Innovation Award is a collaboration between the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, and it is designed to highlight the companies that made an extraordinary impact on both business and society.

Infectious Diseases that could lead to the next pandemic

Ebola, Zika, Monkeypox, SARS are just some of known infectious diseases that can become the next pandemic. What are the symptoms and outbreaks, see in the blog post.

Our Mission is Zero Cross Contamination

Now is the time to stop, revive, survive just like we are reminded to do in traffic. It is time to test and train for the future.

Styrket ut av pandemien, sa du?

Når vi forlater pandemitåka må vi sitte igjen med mer enn et stikk fra legemiddelindustrien. Intensivavdelingene har slått alarm om dårlig beredskap. God beredskap handler ikke bare om bemanning, men også om ny teknologi og…

How to prepare for the next pandemics?

How to prepare for the next pandemics? How can we prevent this from happening again? Global health care management is already preparing for the future. Here are some strategies they must consider.

The evolution of patient transport – from hammock to EpiShuttle

Patient transport vehicles as we know them today have come a long way. First recorded vehicle was a simple hammock. See how the technology made something like EpiShuttle possible.

Safe Patient Transport made Easy

EpiShuttle is designed for maximum patient safety and comfort while allowing critical care and treatment to be performed.

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