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2014 to 2024: Celebrating 10 years of patient transport innovation with the EpiShuttle

The journey of the EpiShuttle started over 10 years ago in West Africa with the largest Ebola epidemic in history. Faced with the challenges of insufficient patient isolation transport equipment, the EpiShuttle was designed to…

Protecting Vulnerable Patients from Infection with the EpiShuttle

In the past years FAI has been using EpiShuttle as its preferred patient isolation unit for highly infectious and vulnerable patients

The value of EpiTraining for your organisation 

EpiTraining is designed to support organisations to integrate and implement EpiShuttle according to their needs.

The Role of the EpiShuttle in the UK’s National Preparedness System

With 30 EpiShuttles covering the country, the United Kingdom (UK) is at the forefront of patient isolation transport with its EpiShuttle implementation.

Year in Review: 2023 a Journey of Innovation and Global Impact

As the curtains close on the remarkable journey of 2023, EpiGuard takes a moment to reflect on a year filled with achievements, collaborations, and global impact.

Sustainable Patient Transport and Isolation: EpiShuttle’s three dimensions of impact

From saving resources and being super-efficient to getting ready for future challenges, EpiShuttle is not just changing how we transport people, it’s also making healthcare more eco-friendly.

EpiGuard’s Expansion in Asia: Empowering Female Leaders in the Healthcare Industry

We announce our latest global expansion – the Asian market. As we take this leap, we are particularly thrilled to introduce our newest distributors, both led by ambitious female leaders!

EpiShuttle: A Vital Addition to the EU’s CBRN Strategic Reserve

EpiGuard is proud to announce that the EpiShuttle has secured a vital place in the 100% EU-funded Strategic CBRN Reserve!

Ensuring Safe Patient Transport with EpiShuttle: Training Exercises in Sweden and Norway

Two Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Norway, have perfected the process of patient transport. They have been conducting training exercises using the EpiShuttle, which ensures the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.

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