The value of EpiTraining for your organisation

Nothing is left to chance in the medical profession. Healthcare providers undergo periodic training and exercises to keep skills sharp, internalize routines and gain confidence with new procedures and technologies. EpiGuard makes sure to meet these needs. As the gold standard solution for contagious, contaminated and/or vulnerable patient isolation transport, the EpiShuttle comes with a comprehensive and globally endorsed training solution to support its adopters, EpiTraining.

Training helps professionals to be self-confident and efficient EpiShuttle users, and the EpiTraining offer makes sure to tailor to their needs. Our curriculum is backed by a team of professionals with long experience and in-depth expertise concerning the EpiShuttle and patient transport. Users are educated on the EpiShuttle technical, functional and implementation features through two in-person courses offers, a two-day EpiShuttle Training Workshop and a one-day Train The Trainer course, and a digital course option (EpiGuard’s e-learning platform).

The EpiShuttle Training Workshop is a two-day course with lectures and simulation exercises focusing on in-depth device knowledge, operational considerations, and hands-on exercises. This provides a solid foundation for teams to implement EpiShuttle in their organization.

To build on that knowledge even further, professionals can take the Train The Trainer (TTT) course to gain super-user knowledge and be EpiGuard-certified trainers for their organisation. This promotes organisational resilience as knowledge is built and consolidated in-house.

The E-Learning platform is a supplementary tool for personnel to get acquainted with EpiShuttle technical and functional features. With its interactive features, our digital platform is best suited for reviewing work once users receive in-person training.

Our courses are developed and taught by highly skilled trainers, who are experienced professionals as well as EpiShuttle specialists. They have backgrounds in nursing, EMS, critical care, CBRNe, medevac and war trauma surgery. Our trainers have been educating users in EpiShuttle implementation for over six years in over ten countries worldwide.

The combination of our extensive course curriculum and our trainers’ expertise makes the EpiTraining offer comprehensive and tailored to our users’ needs. Organisations with trained EpiShuttle professionals are better prepared for handling any situation that comes their way.

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