International Organisations

Medical isolation unit for safe transportation of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

Key Advantages

Superior Patient Care

The EpiShuttle allows monitoring and advanced treatment to be performed during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation, IV and oxygen line insertion.

Safety of Health Care Professionals

The EpiShuttle provides a completely sealed transparent barrier between the patient and the health care professional, preventing any cross-infection.


The EpiShuttle is sustainable due to no need for disinfecting transport vehicles. Also, healthcare professionals require less PPE. It enhances society’s preparedness for future pandemics and other threats.

Why choose the

Taught by the pandemic we see how the preparedness and quick response are crucial for stopping the spread. In case of an outbreak of highly infectious disease like Ebola, SARS, MERS,  etc. nations have to react quickly. The EpiShuttle provides quick isolation and transportation of contagious patients and can be quickly deployed to the country in need.

How was the EpiShuttle developed?

During 2014 Ebola outbreak, a team of professionals decided to make a solution for safer transport both for patients and health care professionals. They developed the EpiShuttle because the former solutions were uncomfortable, leaking and had other flaws which could lead to cross-infection of health care workers.

WHO, UN and EU to
stop the outbreaks

In May 2019, EpiGuard received a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 for building awareness of the EpiShuttle. With this investment EpiGuard is able to further develop and expand the solutions for transporting contagious patients. WHO has also invested into EpiShuttles to combat the infectious disease outbreaks in Congo. The US Embassy in Latvia has donated a couple for the same reason.

When to use
the EpiShuttle?

In responding to humanitarian crises around the world, many international organisations operate in areas affected by outbreaks of contagious disease and even contaminated by chemical hazards. The EpiShuttle can be an important part of the response in both cases.

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