Accessories & Consumables

EpiGuard has developed a number of accessories to provide increased functionality and flexibility when using the EpiShuttle. We also provide practical consumable kits with components that must be replaced with use or over time.

The items shown below are just a subset of the available accessories, consumables, and spare parts.

Stretcher Adapter S

Ensures that the EpiShuttle can be quickly and safely secured to Stryker M1 stretchers.

Stretcher adapter F

Ensures that the EpiShuttle can be quickly and safely secured to Ferno Mondial ST-70 stretchers.

Stretcher adapter SW

Ensures that the EpiShuttle can be quickly and safely secured to Stollenwerk 4002, 4003, 4002-1 stretchers.

EpiShuttle Ratchet Straps

Designed to quickly and safely secure the EpiShuttle to a wide variety of stretcher undercarriages. They are suitable for use in road ambulances and in aviation applications.

Positive pressure kit

Components and instructions required to operate the EpiShuttle in positive pressure mode, which is used to protect a vulnerable patient from the outside environment.

Medical rack assembly

A 10 x 25 mm rail on which to mount monitors, medical pumps, ventilators and other medical equipment. Holds up to 5 kg.

Battery power kit

Kit including one charger and two batteries for the CleanAir Chemical 2F blower. These can either be used as a replacement or back-up for the charger and batteries included in the EpiShuttle (AS01) as standard.

Disposable kit

Kit including all parts that must be replaced as part of the full decontamination procedure after transport of a highly contagious patient. This kit includes filters, mattresses, gaskets, and more.

Emergency kit

Kit including various components that may be required in case of unexpected events during patient transport, including two extra A2P3 filters and equipment to replace a torn glove. Contents are packed in a convenient EpiGuard-branded travel bag with straps and handles.

Filter kit

Kit including a complete set of four A2P3 filters and the foam support brackets in which they are mounted.

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