Ground Ambulance, Police & Fire Departments

Safe and easy isolation and transportation of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

Key Advantages

Superior Patient Care

The EpiShuttle allows monitoring and advanced treatment to be performed during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation, IV and oxygen line insertion.

Safety of Health Care Professionals

The EpiShuttle provides a completely sealed transparent barrier between the patient and the health care professional, preventing cross-contamination.

Cost Efficient & Reusable

Transport vehicles don’t need to be disinfected after use, saving time and money. The EpiShuttle is reusable because of our validated disinfection procedures.

EpiShuttle for Ground Ambulance

The EpiShuttle is a crucial part of preparedness strategy in case of a highly infectious disease outbreak like SARS, MERS, Ebola, etc. It protects the health care professionals from cross-contamination by isolating the sick and transporting them to a place of care.

The unit is CE marked as Class 1 Medical Device, EN 1789 compliant and used for transportation of infectious patients all over the world.

Safe Medical

There are procedures in place when a patient with suspected highly infectious disease has to be transported. With EpiShuttle the whole process becomes safer and easier. The patient is isolated inside the unit preventing cross-contamination to the health care workers. In addition, there is no need to wear full PPE while transporting. This enhances situational awareness and prevents PPE caused fatigue. It also saves time designated for donning and doffing, while leaving more for treating other patients.

No Ambulance

After every highly infectious transfer, the vehicles used have to be properly cleaned and disinfected. That process can last up to 4 hours and requires the presence of medics. With the EpiShuttle, transport vehicles don’t need to be disinfected. The unit is completely sealed preventing the contaminated air from escaping. This keeps the vehicle in operation and allows health care workers to treat other patients.

Ambulance and Stretcher

The EpiShuttle is compatible with a wide variety of stretchers and ambulance vehicles. It has been used on multiple stretcher undercarriages including but not limited to Stryker, Ferno, Stollenwerk.
The unit can be safely secured to the stretcher and the ambulance floor using straps and boot brackets or using the EpiShuttle Ratchet Straps (ERS).
ERS have been tested and approved for Ferno Pegasus, Ferno Megasus, Ferno Harrier and Stryker Power Pro, and can be used with many suitable undercarriages.

EpiShuttle for
Police Department

The EpiShuttle can be a part of a comprehensive preparedness strategy
ensuring protection of highly infectious diseases and CBRN events. It can also provide protection of citizens in hazardous areas affected by smoke and tear gas.

The unit enhances the safety of citizens, police personnel and health care professionals while transporting individuals.

When to use
the EpiShuttle?

In positive pressure mode, the EpiShuttle is used to safely transport people through areas in which there is tear gas or smoke as a result of riots or demonstrations. The hard top protects against violence and blunt force from demonstrators and agitators.

In negative pressure mode, the unit isolates the CBRN contaminated or infectious individual while protecting others around.

EpiShuttle for
Fire Departments

EpiShuttle can be a crucial tool in fire departments’ emergency preparedness. The P3 filtration system and positive pressure mode can protect a vulnerable person inside the unit from hazardous environment around them.

When to use the EpiShuttle?

In case of fire, burn victims are particularly susceptible to airborne pathogens, including MRSA, which are filtered out by the filtering and ventilation system. The EpiShuttle protects them and provides safe transport to a health care facility for further treatment.

DISCLAIMER: The medical device information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals. The use or reliance of any information contained on the site is solely at your own risk. The EpiShuttle does not protect against all types of CBRN occurrences. Accordingly please consult with medical professionals before usage.

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