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Saving One – Protecting Everyone

The EpiShuttle is an isolation unit designed for quick and easy transport of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

Maximum Patient Safety & Care

The EpiShuttle allows monitoring and advanced treatment to be performed during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation, IV and oxygen line insertion.

Safety of Health Care Professionals

The EpiShuttle provides a completely sealed transparent barrier between the patient and the health care professional, preventing any cross-infection.

Cost Efficient & Reusable

Transport vehicles don’t need to be disinfected after use, saving time and money. The EpiShuttle can be used over and over again because of our validated disinfection procedures.

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The EpiShuttle can be safely used for intra-hospital and inter-hospital transport, without the need for disinfecting corridors and transport vehicles.

Emergency Services

The EpiShuttle can be used in ground ambulance transport of contagious patients. It can be used in police and fire departments where the person inside has to be protected from a hazardous environment.

Air Ambulance

The EpiShuttle is used in air ambulance transport in a wide variety of helicopters and airplanes. It protects both the crew and the pilots from cross-infection.


The EpiShuttle can be used in transport of infectious or wounded soldiers from field hospitals to care facilities. It can also be used to transport soldiers or civilians through contaminated or hazardous areas.


The EpiShuttle is used for transport of vulnerable patients, burn victims, or those who need protection from hazardous environments. It is also used for highly infectious patients and contaminated individuals exposed to CBRN agents.

Cruise Ships

The EpiShuttle can quickly isolate passengers with highly infectious diseases without the risk of cross-contamination.There is no need to disinfect the ship hallways and lifts.

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SME Project

In May 2019, EpiGuard received a EUR 2.495.000 grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement Number 848951.

The 30 month project is focused on building on the success of the existing EpiShuttle by expanding geographies in which we have regulatory clearance, streamlining the disinfection process, and developing a larger model for the US market.

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