Year in review: 2023 a journey of innovation and global impact

As the curtains close on the remarkable journey of 2023, EpiGuard takes a moment to reflect on a year filled with achievements, collaborations, and global impact. From team-building in Sweden to successful webinars and strategic partnerships, every step brought EpiGuard more growth and innovation. Join us as we revisit the highlights that shaped our 2023 and set the stage for a promising 2024.

“Kick Off” in Sweden

The year kicked off with a team building in Sweden at the Vann Spa Hotel & Konferens. Three days of experiences, from learning and planning the coming year to relaxation in the spa, brought the EpiTeam together.

Successful debut: EpiShuttle user experiences webinar

For the first time, EpiGuard hosted its first live webinar, “Sharing EpiShuttle User Experiences.” Three experts in medical transportation shared invaluable insights into EpiShuttle’s applications in both public healthcare and private air ambulance sectors. The overwhelming attendance and positive feedback marked the event’s success, affirming our commitment to knowledge-sharing and innovation.

Strategic support from Innovation Norway

In 2023, EpiGuard got 3.4 MNOK from Innovation Norway (IN) to support our FDA application process for the US market. But that’s not all – we also joined a program IN has for Norwegian companies looking to sell solutions to the U.S. defence industry. The program supports companies in understanding how to navigate the complex process of selling to the U.S. military.

Expansion to Japan

EpiGuard is expanding its global reach, and one of its targets is the Japanese market. After participating in DSEI Tokyo 2023 and hosting two demo-days in Kyoto, our Michael and Sofia established solid partnerships and heightened brand awareness in Japan. Negotiations with potential distributing partners within the healthcare and defence sectors are underway so stay tuned for more!

EpiShuttle’s impact in specialized training

EpiShuttle took center stage at the Hospital Preparedness Course conducted by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The course focused on training professionals to respond effectively in the event of a chemical incident, showcasing the crucial role of isolation technology, including the EpiShuttle, in enhancing CBRN preparedness.

EpiShuttle in Australia’s first biocontainment centre at Westmead hospital

Australia opened its first Biocontamination Centre in New South Wales (NSW). The newly established facility aims to tackle the challenges posed by biocontamination and infectious diseases. With innovative equipment such as the EpiShuttle and highly skilled experts, this centre is set to make a significant impact in the field of disease prevention and control.

EpiShuttle Care Checklists

Responding to customer feedback and recognizing the need to assist organizations in developing procedures for storing and maintaining their EpiShuttles, EpiGuard developed EpiShuttle Care Checklists. These checklists consolidate information from our Instructions for Use (IFU) to ensure the optimal performance and safety of the EpiShuttle.

EpiShuttle chosen by EU’s CBRN Strategic Reserve in Finland

The EpiShuttle has been chosen as a patient isolation transport unit for the European Union’s (EU) Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Strategic Reserve. EpiShuttle’s interoperability within the EU and certifications for air and land transport were crucial for their decision. Being the device of choice for European CBRN preparedness is a testament to EpiShuttle’s quality and usability.

Strategic partnerships

EpiGuard expanded its global presence through partnerships with LRY, Glomex MS, and JS T&C, and Linh Investment, Trading & Development Co., Ltd. These collaborations extended our reach to Australia, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic!

As we wrap up this incredible year, EpiGuard wants to thank our amazing team, partners, and supporters all around the world. We’re excited about what lies ahead and can’t wait for more breakthroughs, collaborations, and cool innovations in the coming year. Cheers to a future filled with great achievements and making a positive impact!

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