When to use the EpiShuttle?

The EpiShuttle is designed to provide protection to the patients and health care professionals. It is used for transport of highly infectious and vulnerable patients all over the world. Some key areas are listed below.

Emergency Services

The EpiShuttle has been designed for safe and easy use during transportation of infectious patients in Ground Ambulance, Police & Fire Departments.

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The EpiShuttle is used for intra-hospital and inter-hospital transport of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

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Air Ambulances

FAI Air Ambulance, DRF Luftrettung, Air Alliance Medflight and many more have chosen the EpiShuttle as their preferred solution for transport of highly infectious patients.

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Military Medicine

Armed forces operate in areas affected by outbreaks of highly contagious diseases. The EpiShuttle has proven to be a solution that ensures safe isolation and transport of potentially infected soldiers.

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In case of a CRBNe event the EpiShuttle ensures safety of first responders and receivers by quickly isolating the person contaminated by hazardous agents.

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Cruise Ships

With large crews and many passengers it is important to be able to quickly isolate and treat contagious patients. The EpiShuttle ensures quick isolation protecting the crew and other passengers.

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International Orgs

International organisations operate in areas affected by outbreaks of contagious disease and contaminated by chemical hazards. The EpiShuttle can be an important part of the response.

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Being isolated on the platform with a large crew comes with the danger of fast spread of infectious diseases. The EpiShuttle can be used to stop the spread and to transport the sick to the medical facility.

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