Medical isolation unit for safe transportation of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

Key Advantages

Superior Patient Care

The EpiShuttle allows monitoring and advanced treatment to be performed during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation, IV and oxygen line insertion.

Safety of Crew Members

The EpiShuttle provides a completely sealed transparent barrier between the patient and the health care professional, preventing any cross-infection.

Certified Medical Equipment

The EpiShuttle is CE marked as Class 1 Medical device. It is EN 1789 compliant and has validated disinfection procedures.

Why have EpiShuttle
on the platform?

The EpiShuttle can be a part of a comprehensive health and safety strategy ensuring protection in case of highly infectious disease outbreak. It enhances the safety of crew members by quickly isolating the infected. With EpiShuttle the platform can stay in operation making the workplace safer for everyone!

Health and Safety
is a Priority

In case of infectious disease outbreak, safety protocols advise quick isolation of infectious crew members. The EpiShuttle allows quick isolation and transportation to the medical centre protecting other crew members from the disease.

Equinor from Norway invested into EpiShuttles providing safety to their crew members on the platform.

Stay in Operation

In case of an outbreak onboard, quick isolation of sick crew members is vitally important. It stops the spread of the infectious disease allowing the platform to stay in operation. Once the infected member is isolated and transported into medical centre he can be treated there until the disembarkment without putting anyone else in danger.

Save Time and Money

Outbreak of infectious disease on the platform can only mean one thing – financial loss. As soon as the first infected is discovered there is a great possibility of the disease spreading. By quickly isolating the sick, the platform remains operational thus saving valuable time and money.

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