Ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals is at the heart of everything EpiGuard does. That’s why we have committed to design and deliver training solutions that go far beyond traditional product information.

EpiGuard has a systematic approach that includes live exercises, patient case discussions, hands-on experience, individual learning, and sharing of best practices. EpiTraining helps our customers develop teams with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve improved patient outcomes and their own safety.

Key Advantages

Safety of Healthcare Professionals

Get deep insight into the risks involved in transporting infectious patients, and learn how the EpiShuttle reduces these risks to ensure user safety.

Superior Patient Care

Learn how to use the EpiShuttle confidently during patient transport, including when performing advanced treatment and emergency procedures like intubation.

Cost Efficient

Trained personnel make fewer mistakes, saving time and resources. Unlock the potential of the EpiShuttle to ensure safe and efficient transport of infectious and vulnerable patients.

“Proper training is essential for saving lives.”

Fridtjof Heyerdahl, EpiGuard CMO


To broaden access to as many healthcare professionals as possible, EpiGuard has developed a digital learning platform that provides individual and flexible training for EpiShuttle users. The platform is also important for other health care professionals who may interact with the EpiShuttle while preparing a patient for transport, at a receiving hospital, or in an ambulance service.

After completing this course, every participant will be better prepared to plan and handle transports of infectious and vulnerable patients in the EpiShuttle in the most efficient and safest way. They will be better prepared for emergency situations and more confident in using the EpiShuttle as a tool for protecting themselves and others.

EpiShuttle Training Workshop

EpiGuard offers a comprehensive two-day live training workshop held by paramedics with many years of practical experience with transport of infectious patients. Our trainers have held workshops for customers as far afield as Australia, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, UK and Ireland, Uganda, Peru, and Canada. In each case, they come away with insights and experiences from local healthcare professionals that is built into the next workshop.

The hands-on structure allows participants to physically explore the EpiShuttle with the guidance of an experienced trainer. Trainers also cover a wide range of topics from medical considerations during transport, safely securing the EpiShuttle, and decontamination procedures. The workshop closes with a simulation exercise designed to build long-term competence, team cohesion, and ensure better response to emergencies.

Train the Trainer Course

EpiGuard’s Train the Trainer Course is a one-day supplement to the EpiShuttle Training Workshop in which participants learn how to train their colleagues in how to operate the EpiShuttle.

Upon completion of the course, organizations will have an in-house EpiShuttle expert who can continue to teach new users and refresh the skills of those already trained. The more users that are trained in use of the EpiShuttle, the more internal competence the organization has. EpiShuttle users will be better prepared for the future and perform patient transports more efficiently.

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