Air Ambulance

Medical isolation unit for safe transportation of highly infectious and vulnerable patients.

Key Advantages

Superior Patient Care

The EpiShuttle allows monitoring and advanced treatment to be performed during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation, IV and oxygen line insertion.

Safety of Medical Crew and Pilots

The EpiShuttle protects the crew and the pilot from cross-contamination. Ventilation and filtering system keep the contaminated air inside the unit.

Certified Medical Equipment

The EpiShuttle is CE marked as Class 1 Medical device. It is EN 1789 compliant and has validated four disinfection procedures.

Why choose the

The EpiShuttle is widely used for transporting patients with highly infectious diseases like Ebola, SARS, MERS etc. It protects the pilot, crew members and health care professionals from cross-infection. It also allows the aircraft to stay operational without losing precious time on disinfection after every transport.

Preferred Solution
for Air Ambulances

In Covid-19 pandemic, air ambulances all over the world chose the EpiShuttle as a solution for transport of highly infectious diseases. The unit can be quickly set up and deployed. It is compatible with various airplanes and can be mounted using the boot brackets and straps, EpiShuttle Ratchet Straps, or with third party solutions designed for a variety of aircraft (DRF plate fro the EC145 helicopter, Aerolite for the Pilatus PC-24, Spectrum Aeromed and LifePort platforms)

STC Certified
Medical Device

The EpiShuttle passed rigorous testing procedures and obtained supplementary type certification (STC) for use in the Bombardier Challenger CL-600. Validated disinfection procedures make the unit safe to reuse. The aircrafts don’t need to be disinfected after every transport which saves time and money and keeps the ambulance in operation.

Double Protection
Ventilation System

The air ventilation system generates more than 15 air exchanges per hour to ensure maximum patient comfort and safety. Filters and airtight seals ensure that all contaminants are kept inside the EpiShuttle, even in the event of rapid decompression of an airplane cabin. The negative pressure mode stops contaminated air from escaping the unit. The positive pressure mode prevents the non-filtered environmental air to enter the isolator.

DISCLAIMER: The medical device information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate professionals. The use or reliance of any information contained on the site is solely at your own risk. The EpiShuttle does not protect against all types of CBRN occurrences. Accordingly please consult with medical professionals before usage.

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