EpiShuttle: A Vital Addition to the EU’s CBRN Strategic Reserve

EpiGuard is proud to announce that the EpiShuttle has secured a vital place in the 100% EU-funded Strategic CBRN Reserve! The National Emergency Supply Agency in Finland plays a significant role in stockpiling supplies for this project marking a crucial step in medical preparedness

The CBRN Strategic Reserve and Finland’s Pioneering Role

The CBRN Strategic Reserve is a critical part of the RescEU’s strategy for stockpiling medical countermeasures and ensuring readiness to respond to health emergencies, especially those involving CBRN threats.

A few months ago, we shared the historic launch of the EU’s first-ever CBRN Strategic Reserve in Finland. Finland’s National Emergency Supply Agency has been one of the organizations assigned to select the best equipment for this important mission. Today we are pleased to report that the EpiShuttle is being prepared for this critical mission, strengthening medical countermeasures, and providing our expertise at the highest level of emergency preparedness.

The Crucial Role of the EpiShuttle

The EpiShuttle stands out as a versatile medical device that ensures secure patient isolation transport. Its selection is based on its certification for air and ground patient transport, and seamless interoperability within the EU and NATO. The presence of the EpiShuttle in military and civilian healthcare facilities across Europe simplifies the coordination and transport of patients, making the process extremely safe and efficient.

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