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During the pandemic most healthcare systems around the world were struggling with the infection pressure, reporting over capacitated hospitals and intensive care wards. The challenges that healthcare professionals are facing in this midst are many. Among them, the question of safe transport of Covid-affected patients.

An important aspect of planning and handling the logistics of the pandemic is the possibility to move and transport patients. Many of our customers including DRF Luftrettung have successfully managed to perfect the planning and logistics with the help of EpiShuttles. Last year DRF Luftrettung safely transported 330 corona patients by air. The EpiShuttle has played an important role in many of these missions, and we and we are very happy to be a part of these lifesaving missions.

ambulance personel operating epishuttle

When it comes to transport, there are a number of situations to be aware of. Sometimes a patient needs to be moved from one ward to another inside the hospital, and other times whole hospitals need to be evacuated and several vulnerable patients’ need to be transported. This is not only tough for the patients but also a potential risk for healthcare professionals.

A shocking statistic reported by the CDC of over 4,120 healthcare personnel deaths in the US possibly related to cross-contamination on the workplace, making hospital a place with the highest concentration of people at risk, and where infections will have serious consequences.

At EpiGuard we are devoted to safety and protection of all – nurses, doctors, the patients and all the people in contagious environment. Our main mission was from the beginning and still is – to provide the highest level of protection and to make safe medical transport a priority when peoples’ lives are in danger.

Medical transportation is made a lot safer and easier with the EpiShuttle. There is a number of ways it can help to stop the spread and take the burden off the healthcare workers.

Two health care professionals opening the epishuttle

The patients can be quickly transported without disinfecting the ambulance which can take up to 4 hours making it impossible to pick up other patients who may be in a critical condition.

There is no need to wear PPE during transit thus allowing nurses and doctors to treat the patients without feeling tired or sick, making treatment and care more efficient.

Usually, during the transport, medics need to sit close to the patient and communicate to evaluate their condition. EpiShuttle makes the communication possible due to specially designed see-through hard-top. One more big advantage of a hard-top is making patients more compliant.

It is a well-known fact that people who find themselves contained in a small space tend to feel scared and unpleasant to the doctors. That leads to incompliance, making the treatment nearly impossible. With that on mind, experts at EpiGuard came up with a solution – a soft mattress and adjustable backrest that provide a lot of comfort to the patient, making him feel safer and more rested.

EpiGuard provides extensive and detailed training with the EpiShuttle to help you prepare for the future!

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