U.S. Embassy in Latvia donates EpiShuttles to State Emergency Medical Services

The U.S Embassy in Latvia has donated two EpiShuttles to State Emergency Medical Services (Neatliekamās medicīniskās palīdzības dienests) making these the first EpiShuttles to be stationed in Latvia.

Minister of Health, Daniels Pavluts, received the EpiShuttles on behalf of the Latvian government. The EpiShuttles will be deployed in ground ambulance to transport critically ill Covid-19 patients between hospitals to provide medical care.

The EpiShuttle is in use worldwide, among air forces, organisations, ground ambulance services, private air transport companies and hospitals. During the pandemic, the EpiShuttle has been widely used to transport patients where beds in ICU are available, even across nations. In addition, the EpiShuttle also keeps the ambulances operational, protecting both ambulance and crew from contamination and infection.

“As the wave of the pandemic hits Europe, hospitals are once again at maximum capacity. The hotspots are struggling, while others have beds available. Safe transport is crucial in order to maximize the capacity of the health care system”.

Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard.

In addition to Covid-19 medevacs, the EpiShuttle is also used for the transport of patients with other contagious diseases as SARS, MERS, Ebola and MRSA.

Scanmed SIA is the Latvian distributor of the EpiShuttle.

The technology behind the EpiShuttle is of the highest quality and we are looking forward to introducing this single patient isolation and transport unit in Latvia. One of the main advantages of this device is that it’s reusable and extremely cost efficient. Also, vehicles used for the transport of highly contagious patients in the EpiShuttle do not have to be disinfected after the transport.

— Roberts Briska
Product Manager in Scanmed SIA

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