Our Mission is Zero Cross Contamination

The pandemic is coming to an end, and for the first time in months, we can stop and think. Now is the time to stop, revive, survive just like we are reminded to do in traffic. It is time to test and train for the future. Mistakes, failures, and successes are fresh in our memory, and authorities, politicians and national health systems now have a small window to translate the past year’s experiences into better preparedness.

In the coming months, healthcare professionals can test and use new equipment and new methods, in a real infection situation. This opportunity cannot be wasted.

When Covid-19 hit there were a number of hospitals that had purchased modern equipment and had not given the priority to train the healthcare staff and the equipment was left unused. It was too expensive and difficult to prioritise pandemic preparedness for the health sector. Now we must get the preparedness and training back on track.

In the last year and a half, we have been through periods with both high and low infection rates. The time between the waves is also a time to get better, develop, test, practice and use new technology. It is crucial to put contingency training on the agenda and use new equipment in sharp training.

We can still learn from the pandemic while at the same time save lives. Practical experience with new lifesaving technology is crucial. Equipped, trained and experienced healthcare professionals make the entire healthcare system work more efficiently thus saving more lives. This guarantees that we will be prepared when the next pandemic comes, and the next one after that.

EpiGuard provides extensive and detailed training with the EpiShuttle and with constant customer support.

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