EpiGuard partners up with Leader Healthcare

EpiGuard is proud to announce a new exclusive partnership with Leader Healthcare Group, one of the biggest and most influential names in healthcare solutions across the Middle East.

We share the common goal of protecting patients and health care professionals by providing the best solution for safe medical transport.

EpiShuttle will be the main product offered to the customers in need, with various features and available accessories and consumables. As part of the constant support we offer a series of detailed trainings for health care professionals to gain extensive practical knowledge on the usage and best practices of the EpiShuttle.

See on the video below how to transport patients with an EpiShuttle.

About Leader Healthcare

Based in Dubai, with offices in India and Australia, Leader Healthcare has a commitment to distribute the best medical products, equipment, and training to health care professionals. They proud themselves on becoming one of the Middle East’s leading healthcare solutions provider with the aim to harness remarkable products, the latest technology and best customer service. The mission is to deliver an exquisite healthcare experience both to the customers and end-users.

Together with Leader Healthcare, we will continue with our mission to prepare for the future pandemics and outbreaks!

“Saving one – protecting everyone!”

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