EpiGuard’s New Partnership with JS T&C: Protecting the Republic of Korea

In a step towards enhancing healthcare preparedness in the Republic of Korea, EpiGuard is happy to announce our latest partnership with JS T&C, a prominent player in the region’s healthcare landscape. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as the Republic of Korea now comes under the protection of the EpiShuttle, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding patients and healthcare professionals during emergencies, including pandemics and CBRNe threats.

EpiGuard has built a solid reputation as a pioneer in healthcare safety. Our EpiShuttle is designed to protect patients and healthcare professionals during infectious disease outbreaks, pandemics, and CBRNe threats. It can be used in various areas including intra- and interhospital transfers, on cruise ships, and in military settings. See here for more.

JS T&C: A Trusted Partner in Preparedness

JS T&C, with its expertise and experience in emergency preparedness, aligns seamlessly with EpiGuard’s mission. Together, we form a partnership that promises to bring state-of-the-art medical technology to South Korea, enhancing the nation’s ability to respond effectively to healthcare crises.

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