Expanding National Preparedness: EpiGuard Joins Forces with Glomex MS

Working together towards enhancing preparedness in the Central European region, EpiGuard is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Glomex MS, a leading technology solutions provider. Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic are now under the protective umbrella of the EpiShuttle, a patient isolation transport unit, reinforcing national readiness to respond to critical healthcare challenges.

EpiGuard’s Commitment to Safety and Innovation

EpiGuard has long been at the forefront of medical innovation with its transport and isolation technology. The EpiShuttle has garnered recognition worldwide for its ability to protect patients and healthcare professionals during infectious disease outbreaks and other emergencies such as CBRN events.

Glomex MS: A Trusted Partner in Technology Solutions

Glomex MS, a reputable technology solutions company, shares EpiGuard’s commitment to excellence. Their expertise in providing advanced solutions aligns with EpiGuard’s vision. Together, we form a partnership that promises to bring cutting-edge medical technology to Central Europe.

Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic: Now Under EpiShuttle Protection

The inclusion of Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic under the EpiShuttle’s protective umbrella signifies a significant leap forward in the region’s healthcare preparedness. These countries will now have access to an innovative solution, empowering healthcare providers to respond effectively to infectious diseases and other emergencies.

A Safer Future for Central Europe

This partnership between EpiGuard and Glomex MS not only strengthens healthcare capabilities but also fortifies the region’s resilience in the face of healthcare crises. The EpiShuttle, with its advanced features and technology, will make a substantial impact on patient care and the safety of healthcare professionals.

Glomex MS and EpiGuard are committed to make a significant difference in healthcare preparedness and response in the region, setting a high standard for excellence and innovation.

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