Key Specifications to Consider when Selecting a Single Patient Isolation Unit

When transporting infectious and vulnerable patients, it is critical to use the most validated and reliable medical equipment available to ensure the safety of the patient and the healthcare professionals. That is why EpiGuard’s commitment to product quality has resulted in the EpiShuttle, a single patient isolation transport unit (PIU). The EpiShuttle is the most dependable and rigorously tested PIU on the market which makes it the industry leader.

Here are some of the specifications and features to prioritize when considering a PIU for your organization:

  • Isolation: The EpiShuttle ensures complete protection against all transmission types for any high-consequence infectious disease as well as the majority of CBRNe events.
  • Quality: CE marked according to the European Medical Devices Regulation and produced according to ISO 13485:2016 standards for medical devices.
  • Certified: The EpiShuttle is the only patient isolation unit on the market certified for air and ground transport.
    • The EpiShuttle has successfully undergone vibration, rapid decompression, flammability, and electrical testing for air transport. It is considered “Safe to Fly” by the US AirForce.
    • The whole EpiShuttle unit (not only its supports and adapters, as it is often the case for other competitors) meets the European EN1789 requirements for ground ambulances. The EpiShuttle also complies with the crash requirements for Australia and New Zealand (AS/NZS 4535:1999, 24 g).
  • Versatile: Both positive and negative pressure environments can be simulated.
  • Adaptable: L-track connectors and customized stretcher adaptors are designed to secure the EpiShuttle to any means of transportation within your existing network.
  • Advanced care during transport:
    • The EpiShuttle has eight operator and two medical ports, thus ensuring full access to the patient.
    • Equipped with medical racks that allow for securely mounting monitoring equipment and/or ventilators.
    • Operators can safely intubate a patient during transport, a unique feature thanks to the patented ventilator sleeve and head ports.
    • Sluicing of food, water, medicines, new filters, etc. to the patient during transport.
  • Reliability: Equipped with a closing system of 12 quick locks, instead of zippers which are prone to leakage.
  • Protection: A2P3 filters against both particles and gases. These filters offer a dual level of protection in comparison to standard HEPA filters with their single level of protection. CBRN filters as well as other filters are also available for use on the EpiShuttle.
  • Continuous operation: The blower is rechargeable, battery-powered and its batteries can be «hot swapped» during operation to allow for continual usage.
  • Sustainable: Following its validated disinfection procedures, the EpiShuttle can be safely reprocessed after use. Its reusability makes the EpiShuttle a cost-efficient solution.
  • Comfort: The EpiShuttle is patient-centric. The soft and adjustable mattress guarantees comfort while the transparent hardtop allows for communication between the patient and the healthcare professionals.
  • Interoperability: Used within NATO by militaries and their civilian counterparts.
  • Experience: Thousands of patient transports conducted throughout the world in a variety of environments, conditions, and circumstances.
  • Expertise: With the EpiShuttle comes the support of the EpiTeam by trained medical professionals. We offer onsite as well as e-learning training options, so your organization not only gets an innovative medical device but the knowledge to operate it safely and efficiently.

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