Denmark to “International Level” with purchase of EpiShuttles

EpiShuttle ensures preparedness in Denmark

In 2018, Region Midtjylland was given responsibility for transport and treatment of patients with highly contagious disease in western Denmark. To ensure a sufficient level of preparedness, they have purchased two EpiShuttles for transport of patients from Nordjylland, Syddanmark, and Midtjylland for treatment in Aarhus University Hospital.

One of the main drivers for the purchase was to ensure the safety of their employees.

“The new opportunity to isolate patients will have a significant impact on the working environment for rescuers, nurses and doctors,”

says the head of Health Preparedness Department in Region Midtjylland


The prehospital department in the region is working closely with the Aarhus University Hospital to develop a competence and education center for handling and transport of patients with infectious diseases sich as SARS, MERS, Ebola and pneumonic plague.

“With the new insulation unit [EpiShuttle] we are raising transport safety to an international level. We can ensure that the infection is isolated from the point at which the patient is picked up and until the patient is placed in an isolation room at Aarhus University Hospital,”

says Chief Physician in Region Midtjylland

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